Business Profile


The Business Profile is the primary hub for businesses using the Analytickit platform. It provides a structured overview of the company’s details, analytics, campaigns, and team collaborations. By setting up a Business Profile, companies can organize their data, monitor performance metrics, and gain a holistic view of their online presence and marketing efforts. It’s a one-stop solution for businesses to manage and optimize their digital strategies.

The following image shows the Analytickit Business Profile setting

Components of a Business Profile

Company Details: Basic information such as company name, logo, contact details, and website URL.
Analytics Dashboard: A real-time view of website traffic, user behavior, conversion rates, and other vital metrics.
Campaign Management: Tools to create, monitor, and optimize marketing campaigns.
Team Collaboration: Features to add team members, assign roles, and collaborate on projects.
Integration Hub: Connect with other tools, platforms, and services to enhance analytics capabilities.


Setting Up: Navigate to the ‘Profiles’ section and select ‘Create Business Profile’. Fill in the required details and customize as per your preferences.
Accessing Data: Once set up, the main dashboard of the Business Profile will provide an overview of all ongoing activities, campaigns, and analytics.
Managing Campaigns: Use the campaign management tools within the profile to create, monitor, and optimize your marketing efforts.
Team Collaboration: Add team members, set permissions, and collaborate seamlessly on projects and campaigns.


Organized Data Management: Keep all your business data, campaigns, and analytics in one unified space for easy access and management.
Enhanced Collaboration: Streamline team collaborations, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals.
Data-Driven Decisions: Use the insights from the Business Profiles to make informed decisions and optimize strategies.
Customization: Tailor the Business Profile to match your brand identity and business needs.


  • Regularly update your Business Profile with the latest company details, offerings, and campaigns.
  • Use the insights from the Business Profile in conjunction with other analytics tools for a comprehensive understanding of your business performance.
  • Engage with the platform’s support or community for best practices on optimizing your Business Profile.