The Recorder is an advanced feature of Analytickit that offers a window into the user experience by capturing real-time interactions on your website. This tool records the sequence of actions visitors take from the moment they land on your site to the completion of their session. It’s like having a digital over-the-shoulder view of your customer’s screen, providing invaluable insights into their browsing patterns, clicks, scrolls, and navigation preferences.

Following image shows the Recorder tool in the AnalyticKit SaaS platform.

With this tool, you can observe how users interact with your website’s layout, content, and features, identifying the friction points and the highlights of their journey. The Recorder is designed to help you understand the context behind the data, giving you a clearer picture of user intent and obstacles they may encounter. It’s not just about where they click but also understanding why they may abandon a cart, linger on a page, or breeze through a checkout process.

The recordings can be filtered and segmented to focus on specific user groups, behaviors, or campaigns, allowing for targeted analysis. Whether you’re looking to improve user interface design, enhance content relevance, or streamline the user journey, the Recorder provides the empirical evidence you need to make informed, user-centric decisions.

Key Features

Integrated Insights: Seamlessly connects with other analytics tools for a unified view of user behavior.
Funnel Visualization: Combines with funnel analytics to show where users succeed or falter.
Path Exploration: Links individual user journeys to the collective path visualization for a granular analysis.
Outlier Analysis: Identifies and examines extreme user behaviors through trend graphs.
Usage: Activate the Visitor Recorder to track and replay user sessions, analyze navigation patterns, and optimize user experience based on concrete behavioral evidence.


Enhanced Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of user actions and decision-making processes.
Improved Conversion: Identify and rectify sticking points in the user journey to improve conversion rates.
Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed decisions to enhance user experience and engagement.


  • Utilize the “Only show matching events” feature to focus on specific user actions related to your analysis.
  • Leverage the “Skip inactivity” function for a condensed view of user sessions, saving time and highlighting activity.