Wallet Analytic


The Wallet Analytic Web3 tool offers comprehensive blockchain wallet analytics. It tracks daily transactions and token movements using public wallet addresses. This tool generates detailed graphs showing wallet interactions with different contracts, token holdings, and NFT acquisitions, aiding users in understanding their blockchain activities.

The above graphs show various graphs. that can be visualized using the Wallet Analytic Tool.

Key Features

  • Transaction Volume & Value Analysis: Tracks and visualizes the number and value of transactions.
  • Token Holdings & Transfer Insights: Monitors token movements and holdings.
  • Gas Usage & Cost Metrics: Provides data on gas consumption and associated costs.
  • Active Period Analysis: Identifies active transaction periods.
  • Smart Contract Interactions: Reveals engagements with various contracts.
  • NFT Transaction Tracking: Details NFT purchases and movements.
  • Network Analysis: Maps wallet’s network interactions.
  • Historical Trends: Offers insights into past activities.
  • Whale Tracking: Identifies large-scale transaction patterns.


  • Easily accessible through an analytical dashboard.
  • Customizable metrics based on user preferences.
  • Real-time data updates for ongoing analysis.


  • In-depth understanding of wallet activities.
  • Data-driven decision making.
  • Enhanced monitoring of blockchain assets.


  • Regularly review the data for updated insights.
  • Combine with other analytics for comprehensive understanding.
  • Utilize findings for strategic adjustments and optimizations.