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Elevate Your Crypto Marketing with Analytickit's Unified Web2 and Web3 Analytics

Bridge the gap between traditional web data and the evolving world of blockchain. Make informed decisions, backed by comprehensive analytics.


Step into a new era of analytics where web2 meets web3

Analytickit Tools offers a seamless blend of traditional and blockchain data analysis, empowering you to make smarter, data-driven decisions

Frictionless Migration to Web3

As your customers move from Web2 to Web3, be ready to analyze your product on the blockchain, visualize your product usage, and make intelligent decision in real-time.   

Why Choose AnalyticKit?


Comprehensive Web2 and Web3 Analytics

Analytickit uniquely combines traditional web analytics with cutting-edge blockchain data analysis. Gain unparalleled insights into your website's performance and your blockchain activities, all through a single, user-friendly platform. Make data-driven decisions that span across both digital realms


Tailored Solutions for Marketing Agencies

Designed with marketing agencies in mind, Analytickit offers specialized tools to track, analyze, and optimize both web and crypto campaigns. Whether you're looking to enhance website engagement or analyze blockchain transactions, our platform provides the metrics that matter most to your business


Real-Time Data for Dynamic Decision-Making

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time analytics. Analytickit provides up-to-the-minute data, allowing you to quickly adapt to market trends, user behavior, and blockchain dynamics. This timely information empowers you to make swift, informed decisions, keeping your strategies agile and effective


Ready to Elevate Your Analytics Game? Transition from Web2 to Web3 effortlessly with Analytickit, where innovation is driven by insight. Our intuitive, low-code platform makes complex data analysis accessible for all. See the difference firsthand. Schedule Your Demo Today and unlock the power of intelligent analytics.

Our low-code platform and intuitive visualization tools empower individuals and teams to locate the insights they need, with minimal need for analysts or engineers.