Dive into data-driven decisions with Analytickit, where every visitor action and token transaction is a growth opportunity.

Welcome to Analytickit, the ultimate analytics platform that bridges the gap between traditional web analytics (Web2) and the decentralized world of blockchain (Web3). With our suite of tools, gain unparalleled insights into your website’s visitor behavior and the performance of your Ethereum-based contracts and tokens. Dive deep into data-driven insights and make informed decisions to optimize your digital presence and blockchain ventures.

Web2 Tools

Traffic Trends
Analyze the flow of visitors to your website over time. Identify peak traffic periods, understand user navigation patterns, and gauge the overall health of your website’s traffic. Make informed decisions to optimize user acquisition and retention.

Visualize and understand the user journey on your website. Track conversions at each stage, identify drop-offs, and optimize your website’s flow to maximize conversions and user satisfaction.

Loyalty Lens
Measure user loyalty and engagement over time. Understand how often users return to your website, their activities during repeat visits, and factors influencing their loyalty. Tailor your strategies to enhance user retention.

Track and visualize the paths visitors take through your website. Understand user navigation patterns, identify popular routes, and optimize your website layout for a seamless user experience.

An advanced analytical tool designed to group, analyze, and track visitors based on shared characteristics, behaviors, or experiences within a specific timeframe on your website or application.

Growth Monitor
A sophisticated analytical tool designed to track, measure, and visualize the evolving engagement and behavior of visitors throughout their entire interaction lifecycle with your website or application.

Loyalty Metrics
Loyalty Metrics quantify the sustained engagement of users with your platform, measuring the effectiveness of your retention strategies over time.

A dynamic tool that captures and replays user sessions to unveil the intricacies of user interactions on your website. It provides a visual narrative of their experience, highlighting interactions, navigation paths, and engagement points. 

Integration Hub
A centralized platform designed to seamlessly integrate, manage, and synchronize various tools, applications, and data sources with your primary website or application. Whether you’re looking to integrate CRM systems, marketing tools, analytics platforms, or any other third-party applications, integrationHub makes the process straightforward and efficient.

Web3 Tools

Chain Campaign
A specialized analytical tool designed to monitor, track, and visualize the performance of tokens and contracts on the Ethereum blockchain during specific marketing campaigns.

Wallet Analytic
The Wallet Analytic Web3 tool uses a user’s public wallet address to track daily blockchain transactions and tokens. It generates graphs for visual analysis of wallet interactions with personal and other contracts, and informs about NFT purchases. This tool aids in understanding and monitoring blockchain engagements efficiently.